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Civil engineering

Galéria Invest Ltd’s one of the main activities is civil engineering. In this connection, we have excellent references in the field of utility and sewage pipeline construction, wastewater drainage and rain water drainage. We are able to meet the requests in both large and small streets. We play a role in the replacement of the pipes and the extension of sewerage networks, using the experience we gained so far, our expertise and the best materials and technologies.

Our company is mainly engaged in construction works, furthermore implementation of sewage pipelines, construction of water supply systems, trench drains and storm sewers. We undertake the construction of hydrocarbon carrier, gas distributor and gas pipelines as well.

Our company is also engaged in the construction of wastewater and rainwater pump stations, whether it is produced using traditional technology or core drilling technology with complete mechanical assembly. In addition, we provide maintenance service of the structures during the year, if required.

If one of our activities caught your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us. We help you find the right, technically correct and economically competitive solution.