About us

GALÉRIA INVEST Construction, Trading and Service Ltd.

The Békéscsaba-based family business has been specializing in civil and structural engineering and road and park construction activities since 2004. In addition to these, we have been taking part in environmental and industrial investments.

As possible, our business form is general contractor, subcontractor for the larger projects. Our company has formed a stable group of suppliers in all of its professional years, therefore working in the border counties or across the national border is not a problem for us. If there is any need for additional staff, we provide sub-contractors that are technically well-prepared, always adjusted to the undertaken tasks.

The Ltd. applies for construction work in tendering procedure to 70% or 80%. We provide the missing 20-30% of services to private enterprises. Our goal is the continuous development, and to retain it. Our revenue is increasing year by year. Our professionally skilled staff lead the civil engineering, the structural engineering and the road construction works.

In order to expand our company, the construction contractor part, the building material trading and the concrete elements production plant of Köviép Ltd. merged into Galéria Invest Ltd. in 2018.09.29. With this, the number of our experts have increased, maintain the customer’s requirements, furthermore assuring our continuous development.

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