Road construction

From the trails and paths to the highways, road construction has undergone a huge evolution. The road is an engineered structure, which is necessary for channelling the flow of traffic. Because of the increase in traffic, the roads will bent after a certain time, the forces of nature will damage the road structure as well.

Galéria Invest Ltd. is engaged in complex general contracting, road building projects, furthermore in the smallest pothole repairing works, whether for public procurement or for private contracts. In case of larger investments and projects, we take parts of construction works as subcontractor (ducts, hand-held or mechanic asphalt incorporation etc.) Our professional machines and tools allow precise and reliable work and workmanship, the road or leg we build is guaranteed to be permanent. Our company also does high volume earth works, our diverse activities include road- pavement and paving construction and renovation. We undertake various kinds of demolition works too.

Thanks to our experience, we can also help you in providing advice. If you would like long-lasting, quality roads or leg, our company is the best choice.


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