During landscaping, a garden or a park can become much more and beautiful than you think. You can enjoy them at any time of the year, they provide ideal opportunities for recreation and relaxation. The ensemble of rich colored flowers, plants, sprinkler systems, paving stones or curbs turn the place into a slice of heaven.

If you would like a fabulous and beautiful park or a garden, choose Galéria Invest Ltd.’s landscaping services! Our activity covers the whole process of landscaping works. This includes clearing, mechanical and hand-operated ground works, landscaping, planting, grassing, laying of turf, rock garden construction, building water facilities and installing automatic watering systems. We are also engaged in constructing green sports facilities. Building a 5 square meters of home garden and landscaping a 50 ha. industrial area are required tasks for us.

Make sure about our professional work and knowledge, share your ideas and plans with us, we will help you implement them.


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