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Sumps and grease traps

Maintaining the existing sumps is an important condition for safe operation. One of Galéria Invest Ltd.’s activities is periodic maintenance service (preferably two times a year). With regular maintenance, the life expectancy of the sump and its mechanical and electrical equipment could be extended. By detecting the errors in time, the malfunctions and the damages in the machinery (pump) can be avoided.

We offer additional services to our partners and customers, due to our activities and professional background. These include installing and modernizing new sumps, installing grease traps and grit chambers, furthermore cleaning/maintaining them as occaison requires. You can contact us for cleaning, renewing and building sewers and water pump stations. In addition we are qualified in civil engineering and structural engineering.

We send you a letter with attachment (contractual conditions, technical content, prices) for a more detailed understanding of the the maintenance tasks. Ask us your questions, get a quotation or get information about our other maintenance jobs.