Széchenyi Terv Plusz infoblokk


Galéria Invest Ltd. does not only design and build pools at affordable prices, but also does the regular maintenance of the pools. The pool requires regular cleaning because of the algae settled at the bottom of the pool, the scale, the branches floating on the surface of the water, the leaves and the insects. The pool’s sand filter should also be washed, even several times a day, until the water is fully clean. Whether it is a small pool for family or children or a larger pool at sports facilities, public baths or medicinal and wellness baths, our company will satisfy the pool cleaning and maintenance requests with full of expertise, professional machines and tools, furthermore environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We offer cleaning services before and after season opening, furthermore for individuals also while the family is on vacation or holiday. We will also do the major or minor repair works and the maintenance instantly during the time of the cleaning work.

If you would like spectacular results, then do not hesitate to contact us, we try to provide ideal and affordable opportunities for everyone.