Public fountains and drinking fountains

One of Galéria Invest Ltd’s main activities is full construction of public places, in which it happens that our customers ask our experienced engineers and architects to design water facilities also (fountains, drinking fountains and pools). We can also do the engineering design of these, from developing the mechanical well to finishing the pool area. Therefore by public procurement tender we won in 2015, we operate some public fountains and drinking fountains in summer and regularly maintain them in winter.

Now you can also exploit our professional knowledge and experience that we have gotten from this, if you entrust the impovements to us. During our work we make sure that the style of the fountains at the park or in the public square fits the environment, improving the atmosphere of the public place/park.

Based on this, if you would like to build water theaters, you can also count on us. Ask for our quotation or ask our staff professional questions.


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